Composition of coating?

The basic composition is as follows: Zn (zinc), approx. 6% Al (aluminum), and approx. 3% Mg (magnesium).

What is the coating structure?

It becomes the three eutectic compact structure from Zn(Zinc),Al(Aluminum),Zn2Mg(Magnesium).

What steel grades are used as base metals?

Not only general and drawing qualites but also 590N class high-tensile steel sheets may be used as base materials in compliance with requests.

What kinds of post-treatment are available?

In addition to special corrosion-resistant chromate treatment for ZAM® (A treatment), environment-compatible type chrome-free post-treatment and lubricating treatment are available.

What area available sizes?

The thickness is 0.25 - 6.0 mm, and the plate width is 600 - 1325 mm.
Other sizes than above are subject to cinsulation.

What is the range of plating coating weight?

The total coating weight ranges 60 - 500 g/m2 for both sides combined. In principle, equal coating weight for both side is offered.

Environmentally friendly?

Contributes to resource saving through longer service life and replacement of timbers with steel sheets. This product also contributes to the establishment of a recycling-based society.

Effective for cost reduction?

Thanks to its extremely long service life compared to conventional materials, this product makes it possible to reduce the so-called total cost, including maintenance and management expenses, from a long-range perspective.

What are its applications?

This product finds use in a widespread range of applications centering on substitutes for hot-dip galvanized steel and applications where high corrosion resistance is required. Typical examples include uses as materials for prefabricated houses, farm materials, coated members for shape steels and industrial shapes, soundproof walls and other road related materials, and wiring fittings and other electric power related materials. For other applications, contact the department in charge of our company.

Where is the product manufactured?

The hot-dip continuous galvanizing line (HCGL) at the Setouchi Works Hanshin area (Toyo), the hot-dip continuous galvanizing line (1CGL) at the Setouchi Works Hanshin area (Sakai), and the hot-dip continuous galvanizing line (3CGL) at the Nippon Steel Nisshin A & C co., Ltd.(Chiba).